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Thanks to All Students Who Applied for InMATYC Scholarship!

The Indiana Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (InMATYC) Scholarship will be awarded to an Ivy Tech Community College or Vincennes University student (or at most to two students) who meets the following requirements:

  1. Must be a Freshman or Sophomore at Ivy Tech CC or Vincennes University in the academic year that the application is submitted.
  2. Must be (or must have been) enrolled in at least 6 credits at Ivy Tech or VU in the academic year that the scholarship application is submitted.
  3. Must have completed, with a grade of B or better, at least one math course (for which Intermediate Algebra is a prerequisite).
  4. Must have an overall GPA of at least 3.20 on a 4.00-point scale.
The scholarship application materials must include the following:
  1. At least 1 letter of recommendation from a math instructor.
  2. At least one additional letter of recommendation from an instructor at Ivy Tech or VU.
  3. An unofficial copy of the student's transcript.
  4. A brief statement (200-word maximum) that includes the student's professional goals (required) and obstacles that the student is overcoming to achieve his/her goals (optional).

Download Scholarship Form

Applications Deadline has Passed - Stay tuned for 2020 opportunity!

Problem of the Month

A student has a car loan with an outstanding balance of $7,345.83. They are currently scheduled to make payments of $279.62 every month. If they make payments of $300 each month how much money will they save themselves over the course of repaying the loan. The APR on the loan is 3.75%. You can assume the interest is compound monthly.

Graph of the Month

line graph of spending on health care

Healthcare remains a large issue for many Indianans and Americans. This graph gives some international context to the rising healthcare costs in this country. Notice that the units and note regarding the meaning of the units implies some interesting mathematics to make comparisons across different countries with different currencies.