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Problem of the Month

Classic Train Problem

A train leaves a station in the midwest at 2pm on January 20th, going due west at 45 mph. Another train leaves the same station at 3:10pm that same day going east at 62mph. Assuming the tracks extend indefinitely far to the east and west, at what time will the second train be twice as far from the first train as it is from the station. Answer to the nearest minute.

Graph of the Month

chart of railroad mileage by section in the US 1830-1890

Credit to Wikipedia, who provided this table. Railroads boomed in the US in the late 19th century but highways took over America after World War II. This month the offering is a chart, not a graph, but with an additional task. What graph would you make from all this data? Best answer will win a $10 prize.

Student Contest Details

Winning response will be selected March 15 and posted to the site. Response must:
  • be from a student in a math class (provide college and math faculty email)
  • be the student's own work
  • be emailed by March 10th to with subject "InMATYC Contest"