Spring Semester Begins!

2021 is here, ready or not! We begin a new semester still wrestling with the pandemic, but with hope for the future and a return to our classrooms. Still, the challenges of the last year have given us opportunities and impetus for innovation. What are you trying out this semester? Join us in the Spring for our virtual spring meeting where we will have another chance to talk about the challenges of what we do! We are now accepting proposals for presentations. We are always interested in teacher led workshops grounded in classroom experiences and focused on what works for students.

InMATYC would like to acknowledge the hard work of the national AMATYC Equity Committee in producing a much needed upgrade to what used to tbe the Equal Opportunity Statement. Take a look at the new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Mathematics statement. Though some progress has been made much work remains to be done on this important issue.

Student Scholarship 2020 is open and receiving applications until March 5, 2021

You can download the form here