Now presenting our First Recorded Presentation!

We recently had our Spring Conference with over 40 people in attendance. It was great to see so many people come out for our third consecutive virtual meeting. We agreed to continue on virtually in the Fall but we are all excited about the possibility of being together again in the not too distant future. The virtual aspect of our meetings definitely allows for more flexibility to pop in and out and not have to drive several hours to take part. Thanks to our presenters, Guillaume Jaubert and Barbara Johnson and her team (Kenda Hamersley and Claire Richardson). You can revisit the conference or check it out if you missed it here. You can use the list below to help you figure out where to watch!

And now, for a limited time only on the front page, we have the extracted clip of Professor Jaubert's presentation. Check it out below! ps - if you have problems seeing the video please let the webmaster know so he can deal with it (see email at bottom of page)

TimeStamp Description
1:09:00 Flip Learning, Better Understanding for Better Students and Professors - Guillaume Jaubert
2:20:00 Who's Who? Introductions and Getting to Know One Another
2:45:00 Review of InMATYC Initiatives
3:26:00 Mathematics Growth Mindset in the Tutor Center - Barbara Johnson, Kenda Hamersley, Claire Richardson
4:40:00 Tech Talk - Innovations in the Time of Virtual Learning
5:27:00 Business Meeting
6:20:00 Board Meeting

InMATYC would like to acknowledge the hard work of the national AMATYC Equity Committee in producing a much needed upgrade to what used to tbe the Equal Opportunity Statement. Take a look at the new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Mathematics statement. Though some progress has been made much work remains to be done on this important issue.

InMATYC has selected a student scholarship recipient and an EdFinity Award winner - details to come soon!

Interested in getting more involved with InMATYC or know someone who would be great? We are always looking for new members and new ideas! Join us next fall or sign up today by filling out a membership form.